Benefits of Learning Communities

Benefits of Learning Communities


Students enrolled in Learning Communities receive many benefits and additional opportunities

Benefits of Learning Communities

  • Students in LCs are more likely to explore class topics outside the classroom with peers.
  • Studies show that LC students traditionally earn higher GPAs than students who are not in a learning community.
  • Ongoing dialogue with peers and educators with LCs enhances intellectual development.
  • LC students connect more quickly and seamlessly into the Lindenwood community.
  • Students in LCs have been far more involved in campus activities and leadership opportunities.

Students Participating in a Learning Community will receive:

  • Immediate access to a community of students who share similar social & academic interests.
  • Encouragement to participate in leadership experiences.
  • Invitation to participate in outside classroom experiences that relate to their course curriculum.
  • Additional academic support from their faculty, staff, and peers.
  • Opportunities to build mentoring relationships with upperclassmen students.
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