Writing Specialists

Writing Specialists

Writing Specialists are available to help students improve both their writing and their learning. However, Writing Specialists are not content specialists.

The majority of classes at Lindenwood already qualify as writing intensive because they incorporate multiple writing assignments to help students develop a better understanding of the material. Through these assignments that combine learning the material and writing, students are able to both further develop and practice their writing skills. These courses and assignments prevent a student’s writing skills from becoming dormant, as composition courses are typically finished quite early in a student’s college career.

Professors can request to have Writing Specialists embedded in their classes, allowing Specialists to help students in the context of those classes. Writing Specialists are different from the tutors in the Writing Center; they work with professors first, then the students in those professors’ classes. Those students will then be required to work with their embedded Specialist and only that Specialist on assignments for that specific class.

Writing Specialists help the students in these writing intensive classes, which will better prepare them for the workplace after graduation and can assist with non-content areas of the writing process, such as grammar and drafting.

There are a limited number of embeddable classes per semester/quarter. If you are interested in having a Writing Specialist embedded in your class, please contact Susan Edele (sedele@lindenwood.edu) or the Writing Center (writingcenter@lindenwood.edu). For assistance with the writing process, please view our Resources page.