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Greek Life - For Parents

Fraternity and sorority groups bond men and women together by friendship, brotherhood/sisterhood, and common ideals. Fraternity & Sorority Life is an educational and social experience that lasts a lifetime.  This experience helps develop strong and creative leadership skills that lead to success among our members. Fraternal members frequently enjoy a much higher level of involvement on campus and community life than unaffiliated students.

Parents play an integral role in the college experience of their student. Oftentimes, however, parents are unsure what their role should be. The list below is from our experiences and is not a complete list, but rather a way to help you begin conversations with your student(s) about your involvement in their fraternal experience:

  • The decision to join: If your student decides to join a fraternity or sorority and this decision is different than you thought it would be, have a conversation with your student about their choice and what it means to them.  
  • Support during the process: Students need support during the process of recruitment and new member education. Be supportive and learn as much as you can about Fraternity & Sorority Life by asking questions of your student as he or she learns about the chapters at Lindenwood. If your student decides to pursue membership in a fraternity or sorority, be present, be supportive, and allow your student the opportunity to make his or her own decisions.
  • Variety of experience: Fraternities and sororities are different on each campus and change over time. The place or organization that you loved on your campus may not be the same place your student(s) will love here at Lindenwood. Similarly, your student's chapter at Lindenwood may be different from the experience you may have had on your campus. Please know that any fraternity/sorority chapter at Lindenwood will provide an outstanding experience for your student.
  • Be involved: Once your student joins, there will be many activities and events that you and your family may attend. Attending chapter events and special weekends for parents and families is a great way to take part in the fraternal experience. Whether they show it or not, your student will welcome your involvement with the chapter’s parent activities.
  • Be Informed: Ask your student questions about potential costs associated with being affiliated. It is important to ask how they plan on paying dues and other costs. If you decide to assist them with the cost, ask questions about the billing processes.
  • Keep in contact: Keep the Fraternity & Sorority Life Life office contact information on hand and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about Fraternity & Sorority Life at 51. We are happy to speak with you!