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Professional Development

Professional Development

We're here to help you on your professional development journey! Dr. Porter has set an aspirational goal for each employee to engage in 40 hours of professional development annually, for the purpose of continuous improvement and growth. The Learning Academy wants to make it easier for you to track your hours. Watch this to learn how to add your development activities to your Workday profile. Any event that you access and attend through the , complete in , or finish in LinkedIn Learning will be applied automatically to your training profile in Workday. There is no need to add those, we will do that for you! However, if you complete a development activity on your own or attend a relevant conference, use the steps in the video to add that development to your profile and track your progress! Hours are accumulated and align with your respective performance evaluation period.

Staff hours are tracked from September 1 – August 30.
Faculty hours are tracked from January 23 – January 22.

Additionally, faculty and staff can view their progress toward their professional development goal by typing "HCM RPT My Training's - Employee Professional Development" in the Workday search bar.

My Training.png

Managers can view their teams’ progress toward goal with the Workday Report HCM My Teams Training Professional Development. Simply type this into the Workday search bar to view the report.

Please keep in mind:

  • Managers are to use their best judgment on whether an employee’s submission is professional development. If it does not qualify, send it back to the employee with a note stating why.
  • All training courses taken through SkillSoft and LinkedIn Learning will be automatically added to your Workday Profile. 
  • All training courses that are accessed through the Learning Academy Calendar will be automatically added to your Workday Profile.
  • Multiple sessions should be submitted as one training submission with total time added together for the duration, and the last date of the training should be used as the completion date.
    • No training should be submitted with the same title – if the training needs to be submitted separately, distinguish one from the other in the title so that they are different.
    • If there is a department wide training series, please take attendance and send the training name, description, duration for each occurrence and who attended said occurrences, and final session date to learningAcademy@lindenwood.edu. We will add the training to each Workday profile, saving the manager and the employee time.

Professional Development Opportunities

Need some ideas on how to achieve your goal?

  • LinkedIn Learning offers a wide variety of self-paced lessons that are absolutely free!
    • Check out . 
  • Register and attend a training through the , for free!
  • Attend a webinar on a topic related to your field.
  • Take a class online or on campus related to your field.
  • Read the Ideal Team Player and have group discussions with your colleagues. You can .
  • Research existing articles and present to your department on a topic related to your field.
  • Work toward earning a new certification in your field.
  • Engage in on the job development with a colleague.
  • Complete a stretch assignment.