Programs and Process

Programs and Process


First-Generation Collegians

First Generation Collegians (FGC) are supported by the Office of Student and Academic Support Services. First-generation students are students with parents who did not attend college. SASS engages first-generation college students and provides academic, social, and community support to all students throughout their experience at Lindenwood.

Service Learning

Students are eligible to participate in community service programs as part of the 51 community. Approved community service hours may be earned toward final recognition on the student’s academic transcript. Students wishing to participate in the community service program must register through Involve U and join “Community Service Transcript Designation.”

Dr. Julie Turner
(636) 949-4652
Harmon Hall, Room 135

Leave of Absence Process

Students who are not graduating but choosing not to return to Lindenwood for the subsequent term must meet with Student Academic Support Services (SASS) or their Success Coach/Advisor prior to departure.  This can be done in person or through a virtual meeting.  Lindenwood allows students with extenuating circumstances to apply for a Leave of Absence for no more than 180 days. The Leave of Absence involves an approval process that requires submission of the Leave of Absence form** along with attached supporting documentation. Individuals in a Leave of Absence status do not intend to make academic progress toward the completion of their degree.  Students must be enrolled at least half-time for one term (6SH for undergraduate and 3SH for graduate) and complete at least one term successfully prior to applying for a Leave of Absence.  Students must be in good academic standing and making satisfactory academic progress within the parameters set in the university catalog.

If you are unsure about a Leave of Absence or exiting Lindenwood and would like to discuss your options, please visit Don’t Drop. Let’s Talk before proceeding with a process. find available resources to determine the best option for you.  If you have additional questions about the Leave of Absence or departure process, please reach out to SASS for assistance.

**Please note that the window to petition for Leave of Absence for the Fall 23 term is now closed.  The application for Spring 24 will be found via the student portal and will close on January 12. 2024 at 5:00 pm.

Reentry from a Leave of Absence

When returning from an approved Leave of Absence, students can begin the reentry process with their advisor.  Students returning without an approved Leave of Absence who wish to resume coursework must be readmitted to the university by . Upon review of the new application, the admissions office will update the student’s profile in preparation for their return to Lindenwood.  Students not enrolled for one year and eligible to return to Lindenwood will do so under the current catalog of re-entry and will be directed to contact their advisors to enroll once the readmit process has been approved.

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