Honors Academy Student Ambassadors

Honors Academy Student Ambassadors


Honors Academy Student Ambassadors represent the mission and vision of the Honors Academy and its positive impact on students’ academic and professional experiences. Honors Ambassadors assist with a variety of campus and community events, interact with prospective students and their families, as well as with members of the Lindenwood community. Honors Ambassadors serve the program for the duration of their undergraduate Honors Journeys.


  • Work with Honors Academy leadership to develop skills, build personal mentoring relationships, and enjoy professional experiences that prepare you for every future.
  • Represent the Honors Academy at campus and community events.
  • Encourage all Honors Academy students’ active involvement in campus life inside and outside of the classroom.

QUESTIONS? Contact the Honors Academy at LUHonorsAcademy@lindenwood.edu.

Are you interested in becoming an Honors Academy Student Ambassador? Email LUHonorsAcademy@lindenwood.edu.

Honors Academy Student Ambassadors

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