Disability Resources

Disability Resources

The Lindenwood Library also provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities such as offering assistance with photocopying or scanning library materials.

Students who need assistance should ask the library in-person, via e-mail at library@lindenwood.edu, or over the phone at (636) 949-4820.

Additional Services

For additional services, such as testing accommodations, sign language interpreters, or note taking service, please contact the Accessibility Services Office.

Tips for Online Resources

  • Dolphin Easy Converter is a program that takes PDFs and other files and converts them to braille, audio, large print, or fully accessible Word Documents. It works great for text, but misses images. However, it will prompt the software operator to go back and add the alt-text information to those images. More information can be found at . 
  • Instead of converting the PDFs to Word, Adobe Pro can add the accessibility features within the PDF. Here are a few helpful links about that process: and .
  • Many databases have accessibility baked in. It’s just a matter of learning how each does it. An example is . It includes various keystrokes for JAWS and the tip that opening the PDF’s in Adobe Reader versus the browser offers more accessibility features. In other databases, you can typically find the accessibility information under the “Help” menu.
  • Create a Bookshare account. While this likely won’t help with journal articles, it opens up a world of accessible textbooks and other nonfiction and fiction titles geared mainly towards students. For anyone currently enrolled in courses, there is no fee to use Bookshare. You can learn more by visiting the website. Learning Ally is another similar service that costs. To learn more about it, visit the website. 
  • Missouri Rehabilitation Services for the Blind has an agreement with the Jefferson City Correctional Center to convert materials into audio, large print, and braille. Services do cost, but it is an option if needed. The person to contact to learn more about this is Maureen Stocksick at either 573-7514788 or mstockso@mail.state.mo.us.