Reserve a Group Study Room

Reserve a Group Study Room

Users may request a room using the new web page. is available from any internet browser. You must sign in to request a room using your Lindenwood account. 

The Library Group Study Rooms 244a, 244b, and 244c located on the second floor can be reserved for current student, staff, or faculty use.  Library Staff reserves the right to give precedence to fair use of Group Study Rooms regarding reservations.

Recurring requests by the same user or group cannot be accommodated.  Each reservation must be made individually. 

Users are limited to 9 reservations in a 3 week/21 day period. 

Rooms must be booked by 11:59 p.m. for the following day. 

If rooms are not reserved, they can be used on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Alumni cannot reserve the group study rooms, but are welcome to use them on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Rooms are only open during library operating hours.

When using the AV Editing Rooms, programs using sound, music, or video may be used in the AV Editing Rooms only with effective headphones.  If someone else can hear the sound, you will be asked to turn down the volume. Headphones may be checked out from the Media and Gaming Lab and the Circulation Desk.   

For assistance reserving a room, please contact Library Services at (636) 949-4820, librarySTC@lindenwood.edu, or drop by the Circulation Desk at the front of the LARC.