Assessment of Fueling Needs and Health Status in High School Athletes

Assessment of Fueling Needs and Health Status in High School Athletes


LU IRB#: IRB-21-91
PI: Chad Kerksick, PhD

Description of Study

The objective of this project is to assess the body composition, dietary intake,  energy expenditure,  nutrition knowledge, and energy availability in male and female high school athletes to assist athletes, parents, and coaches in understanding the various physiological demands that high school athletes endure.

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Number of Visits

Time Commitment
Visits 1: 30-45 Minutes
Visits 2: 60 Minutes

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Point of Contact
Joesi Krieger

Research Sample Needed

  • 75 – 100 high school athletes.

Inclusion Criteria

  • All participants will be determined to be healthy through completion of a medical history questionnaire.
  • All participants must be currently participating in a school-sanctioned sport.
  • Male or female high-school-aged athlete.
  • Completing some form of sports training, practice, or competition at least three days per week for the past 12 months.
  • Eligible participants will have taken no more than a four-week break between periods of training, practice, or competition over the previous 12 months.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Any individual determined to have a physical injury or determined through review of their medical history to not be able to safely participate in the testing that will be completed.
  • Current smoker or any use of any nicotine (chewing, “vaping”, etc.).
  • Any participant diagnosed with a metabolic disorder (e.g., diabetes/Type I, thyroid) or taking medications known to impact metabolic regulation.
  • Any individual being diagnosed with or is currently under the care of a physician for a cardiac, respiratory, metabolic, immunological, musculoskeletal, renal, hepatic, gastrointestinal, psychiatric, or circulatory disease.
  • Individuals enrolled in college.
  • Individuals not enrolled in high school or a high school equivalent home school curriculum.
  • Any individual not meeting the minimum exercise training requirements.
  • Individuals who are pregnant.

Are You Eligible?

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Information provided here reflects current IRB approval for this research. However, this information may be subject to change and updated accordingly.

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